"All I know to be is a solider, for my culture"

Knowledge breeds Love

American Muslims Strongly Condem All Forms of Police Brutality

PRESS RELEASE: American Muslims Strongly Condem All Forms of Policy Brutality

This past weekend an unarmed African American teenager, Mike Brown, was shot and killed by the police in Ferguson, MO. Brown’s death comes just weeks after the NYPD killed Eric Garner, an unarmed black father. We do not see these as isolated incidents but as evidence of the continuing sickness of white supremacy that has plagued this country since its inception. These recents events are an extension of the state violence that targeted the indigenous peoples of the Americas and enslaved Africans. We see these deaths as part of the systemic project of state violence at work not only in the past but in racist policies and attacks against immigrants domestically and in the conquest and war mongering of US imperial policy abroad. We believe black life matters. We believe all life matters.  We condemn all forms of police brutality and state violence perpetrated by our government in the strongest terms possible.


The above press release is available for use by any and all US Muslim community groups, masjids and local and national non-profits and organizations.


Can one travel in the American South and not mourn the ancestors?
Every tear is a libation.
Can one travel here and not
celebrate the ancestors?
Every tear is a libation.
Ashe. Ameen.

So have this theory that the most recent rendition of the hijab bang style would not fly among Muslims if that bang was kinky-curly. I can’t draw but I love to play. This is what I think it could look like. And yes, she thinks she is fly!

So have this theory that the most recent rendition of the hijab bang style would not fly among Muslims if that bang was kinky-curly. I can’t draw but I love to play. This is what I think it could look like. And yes, she thinks she is fly!

One day
We will sit around tables
with plates
Full of biryani
and cups
of watered-down lemonade
And the man at the podium will shoot love thru his microphone and not shame


The Twins - Yaba & LaShawntePhoto Credit: Ann Blake Photography


The Twins - Yaba & LaShawnte
Photo Credit: Ann Blake Photography

Tips for Flying

1. Have a black body
1a. Wear a headscarf
2. Choose a seat in an aisle with another black body in the window or aisle seat
3. Try for male black body - it will increase the chances of no one choosing the middle row
4. If the other black body is female, no worries. you will be visible and invisible as required.

I flew today. It was a full flight. So much so that at the gate, the agent was checking for third bags and making folks consolidate ANY third item into their second. And there were repeated announcements about not stowing coats in the overhead and directions for choosing the middle seats when that was all that was left. I had chosen an aisle seat with a sista in the window cause I figured no one would sit between us (see tips above) but after the umpteenth announcement I figured my tips would fail me…

There was another row with an empty middle seat right in front of the row of seats I was in. The passengers were a white skinned male and female, male in the window, female in the aisle. And there were two final passengers to board. The flight attendant passes my aisle and asks the folks in front if the sear is free and seats one passenger with them. As for the second passenger, well there was a man in an aisle two rows up from me, who got up to give her his seat. The flight attendants were bewildered “there should be a regular seat?!” One flight attendant noticed the free seat in my aisle and inquires “is someone in the bathroom?”, the sista in window responds “no” [as in the seat is free], but they don’t/won’t/can’t hear her, as the man, who was either a pilot or amarshall took a seat in the cockpit…

in the air
it must be fear
cause they don’t sit near
brown-skinned lady

they’ve scanned the plane
they spot her
and they already know her name
aunt sarah

so they pass by her
searching for some place safe

maybe on the ground
her bosom is their blankey

but up here
stakes is high?

or maybe
they simply don’t see her.

after all,
mules don’t fly.

but she don’t mind much
brown-skinned lady
notebook full of poems
pocketbook full of dreams
she ain’t mad at the extra space.

Wait, What? I'm a Little Confused: A Reading of "Beyonce"


After watching all the videos from the popup album “Beyonce,” three things can be said for sure:

1.) She’s great at keeping a secret and somehow got a bunch of other people to be just as good.

2.) She really feels the need to assert herself in a way that is contrary to the Beyonce we’ve grown to…

Let's dream a feminism bigger than capitalism

Spend enough time in this crooked room
you almost start to believe you are a crooked rib
and forget you are praying in a holding pen
or a gilded cage.

Whatever the euphemism
it’s still too small.